Multi Bandpass Filters

Multiple spectral bands in a common assembly

Individual filter elements selected for optimum performance

Miniaturized for size-constrained applications

Space-qualified materials designed to meet harsh environments

Customized to fit detector size

Opaque/Black bonding materials prevent crosschannel interference



Edge-bonded Multi Bandpass Filter


20-Bandpass Edge bonded Filter



Edge-bonded assemblies typically have three to five separate filter elements cemented edge-to-edge to form a single substrate. With suitable mounting hardware, the edge-bonded assembly is typically mounted in close proximity to the detector. This eliminates the need for large filter elements near the entrance to the optics system.

Each filter element of the assembly is cut from an oversize, coated module, which results in a

wide range of possible sizes and materials for the final assembly.

Edge-bonded assemblies are ideal for many applications where space, weight and

survivability are the most important considerations.


Monolithic Multi-channel Filter


Monolithic 5-channel Filter