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 Shanghai New Industries Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd (SNIOE), founded in 2000, is a competitive manufacturer and supplier of high performance optical thin film filters such as band-pass filters(ultraviolet filter, visible filter and infrared filter), edge filters(long wave pass filter and short wave pass filter), notch filters, neutral beam splitters, dichroic beam splitters, polarization beam splitters, metal mirrors, dielectric mirrors, laser cavity mirrors, optical communications filters and so on. And furthermore SNIOE has developed a full series of optical components including optical flats, prisms, sphere, asphere, cylinder and so on. They are widely used for laser system, projection display system, digital camera, fluorescence analytical instrumentation, Ultraviolet Lithography, remote sensing area, etc. 

        In addition to the components fabrication, SNIOE has devoted itself to the R&D of optical instruments and projects. We have the capability of optical system design, component assembly and system integration. SNIOE is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

        SNIOE aims to provide the highest quality optical filters and the best optical solutions for our customers. We offer competitive prices and custom-tailored service. We have optical experts, technicians, sales reps, and other experienced staff standing by to assist you with all aspects of your project.

        SNIOE is dedicated to continually evolving our knowledge and experience in order to deliver innovative products and expertise that could make any improvements for our customers and their applications.



OME Integrative Technology

We have excellent design and manufacturing capabilities and vertical integration capabilities. Under the trend of optical and mechanical integration, the company adheres to the principles of integration, micro-nano and more refined development, providing customers with system solutions,which ensures the timely and reliable products and services based on our  accumulated experience and professionalism in the industry for over 17 years. It is mainly used in aerospace, military, remote sensing, environmental monitoring, food and drug analysis, medical and other fields.


Optical coating : over 17-year’s accumulation in expertise and experience

Speed, precision, repeatability, surface quality, and cost – the basic figures of merit for coating processes. These characteristics, along with scalability, are at the core of SNIOE’s unique adavantages in the industry.



We provide a series of customized solutions according to your requirements and application. In terms of coating, we offer a variety of filters for UV to long-wave infrared, as well as multi-channel filters, linear variable filters, and more. In terms of optical machining, we offer a choice from sample to batch production, of spherical, aspherical, flat mirrors, prisms, glued mirrors, cylindrical mirrors, etc..

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